ArcticFoxKitten ArcticFoxKitten 18 January

Trading a koala in Adopt Me!

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Emeraldkitty30 Emeraldkitty30 13 December 2020

About my acticity

I dcided that I will be active on Sundays. I will post 2 blogs on those Sundays, and maybe edit some pages, too! Have a Merry Christmas! :3

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DetailOriented DetailOriented 25 March 2020

Food Icons

Hey guys; so I went totally HAM last night with making pages for all the food I currently have unlocked; hopefully I didn't break anything on the Wiki... anyway, I noticed we are missing icons for some of the foods and was wondering how we got such high detailed images to use/where we could get the others? P.S: sorry if I'm stepping on any toes with my edits, I'm not really sure what the ettiquite is for this kind of thing. 

xX Jack

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ZappyMicrowave13 ZappyMicrowave13 3 June 2019

So... hi, I guess?

Hi! Hello! It’s me, your favourite microwave-unicorn hybrid. Weird intro, yes I know. But hi!

Today I would like to ask a few questions about the future of this Wiki. And yes, I know I only just arrived here and originally came to ask a question but hey! Why not contribute to the wiki as well? Anyways, I would like to ask if anyone is going to make individual pages for each cat, maybe even give them CATegories (forgive me please 😂😂) like their room name! We could add special facts for each cat, infoboxes and an appearance section perhaps. It was just an idea and I understand if it goes against the design layout of the website, or we just cannot do it in general.

But hey, that’s just a theory... a Cat Game theory! Thanks for watching!

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