Zozative Zozative 4 days ago


There are no admins on this wiki though there is a bureaucrat who hasn’t been active since 2018.

I would like to reorganise this communities wiki navigation, fix some old pages and overall make the wiki more organised and active. What do you guys think about me requesting to become an admin since there are no other active editors?

I’ve been editing on this wiki since early September 2020 so I am very experienced with how this wiki is organised.

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Zozative Zozative 7 days ago

Cropping Cats + Decos

Going to begin cropping/cutting cats and maybe decos into white backgrounds to put into the slideshows of each article about the rooms. It will take a long time but I hope some people will appreciate the effort. For now, I will just add the cats and decos with their regular backgrounds into the slideshows.

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ArcticFoxKitten ArcticFoxKitten 18 January

Trading a koala in Adopt Me!

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Emeraldkitty30 Emeraldkitty30 13 December 2020

About my acticity

I dcided that I will be active on Sundays. I will post 2 blogs on those Sundays, and maybe edit some pages, too! Have a Merry Christmas! :3

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DetailOriented DetailOriented 25 March 2020

Food Icons

Hey guys; so I went totally HAM last night with making pages for all the food I currently have unlocked; hopefully I didn't break anything on the Wiki... anyway, I noticed we are missing icons for some of the foods and was wondering how we got such high detailed images to use/where we could get the others? P.S: sorry if I'm stepping on any toes with my edits, I'm not really sure what the ettiquite is for this kind of thing. 

xX Jack

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ZappyMicrowave13 ZappyMicrowave13 3 June 2019

So... hi, I guess?

Hi! Hello! It’s me, your favourite microwave-unicorn hybrid. Weird intro, yes I know. But hi!

Today I would like to ask a few questions about the future of this Wiki. And yes, I know I only just arrived here and originally came to ask a question but hey! Why not contribute to the wiki as well? Anyways, I would like to ask if anyone is going to make individual pages for each cat, maybe even give them CATegories (forgive me please 😂😂) like their room name! We could add special facts for each cat, infoboxes and an appearance section perhaps. It was just an idea and I understand if it goes against the design layout of the website, or we just cannot do it in general.

But hey, that’s just a theory... a Cat Game theory! Thanks for watching!

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