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Club Events are short events that give players a new room not found in the regular tower and requires an active and well organised club to do well in. Club Events always have two secret cats, one can only be obtained if your club ranks in the top 10 and the other can only be obtained with the purchase of a pack. Once the club event is over, the room will be found in the premium tower.

Icon-token.png Tokens:

Tokens are green coin-like in game currency only available during club events. They are necessary to buy supplies, craft items and craft extra stars. They do not carry on to the next club event like boosts so make sure you use them all before the event ends. They are obtained through:

  • Spinning the club heart basket; where all supplies and Club Kitties cats and decos normally available during spinning the basket are temporarily replaced with tokens for the event
  • Playing the poppycats mini game which is relocated to the club event section; poppycats can only be played a max of 3 times until you must wait an hour for a new poppycats game to be available. You can only have three poppycat games available at a time during the club event. More poppycat games can be obtained instantly by paying 100 gems.
  • Purchasing packs or other special offers that give tokens with real world money.

Crafting and Supplies:

Crafting is required in club events to get the cats and decos for the room. The club event section has its own event exclusive items that must be crafted with event exclusive supplies. These supplies can either be bought for the player with tokens or for the player and the whole club but for more tokens. In club events BOTH cats and decos need to have club event exclusive items crafted in order to purchase them with tokens. New cats and decos in the room can only be unlocked once the previous one it bought. Players that don’t have enough of a certain supply can request for it every two hours which will allow club members to send that player more. The items also have a certain amount of time that they require to craft, boosts cannot be used to lower the amount of time required but gems can be used to instantly get the item.

Stars and Club Prizes:

Stars are what gives clubs and players points in this event. Once all the items needed for a certain cat or deco are crafted, the cat or deco can be purchased with tokens and that gives the player stars. Once all the cats and decos for the room are crafted, the player can then craft items to get three stars at a time which costs 300 tokens. Club prizes are located in the club event section and include gems, premium shards and a secret wall deco for the room which can be collected after certain amounts of overall club stars are obtained. Club events are the only events where ranking matters as the top 25 clubs get prizes. The prizes occasionally change but they are usually as follows:

  • Rank 25 or Up: 20x Legendary Jelly, a food that fills cats 5 “hearts” at once
  • Rank 10 or Up: A unique Secret Cat (Like all Secret cats, it can be bought with 20 Premium Keys by all players in the Premium Tower after thirty days had past since the event ended)


Boosts are club event exclusive “bonuses” that benefit all members of a club that can be purchased with gems once the club event starts. Multiple boosts can be activated at once to create very high multipliers, though allegedly, 50x is the highest the multiplier can go and boosts activated after that won’t do anything. The top clubs form a strategy and work together to use boosts to get their high ranking.

  • Mini Game Boost: increases the amount of tokens obtained by playing a game of poppycats
  • Heart Boost: increases the amount of tokens obtained by spinning the club heart basket
  • Crafting Boost: decreases the amount of tokens required to craft an item
  • Supplies Boost: increases the amount of supplies obtained through crates set to the club

Purchasing Boosts:

Only three boosts are available for purchase once per hour but new ones can be made available instantly by using gems to “refresh” the boost shop. Before purchasing a boost, it is important to look at the gem cost, the amount of time it remains active for and the percentage of the effect of the boost. Once bought, they do not activate until the player activates them and boosts bought that are not activated by the end of the event will be automatically available during the next club event. When activated, the boost will appear in the club chat for all players to see and benefit all players. The amount of time the boost has before it disappears will be shown in small writing under where it appears in the chat, once it has run out of time, it will no longer be visible and the effect of boost will go with it.

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