is a gameplay mechanic available in the Shop where the player uses coins and resources to create materials needed to buy decorations. There are several levels of crafting available. For each item you craft, the resources required will stay the same but the coins required will increase by %50 of the original price added to the previous price per each item crafted. (Ex. Crafting 1 string requires 50 coins, the 2nd requires 50+25=75 coins, the 3rd 75+25=100 coins, etc.) The cost will reset when the item(s) are finished crafting.


Resources can be collected through floor baskets or gifted by club members once the player reaches level 10 and are kept in the players Bag. Once a floor has been completed, supply crates will drop double the amount of resources of incomplete floors. Each floor only drops one type of resource.

  • Cotton
  • Log
  • Rock
  • Quartz
  • Premium Shards - Premium shards are only available as a reward during events or as a possible drop from the Daily Bank Basket.

Basic Crafting

String 3 Cotton 50 Coin
Wood 3 Log 50 Coins Wood.png
Ribbon 2 String, 2 Wood 100 Coins

Shiny Crafting

Metal 3 Rock 100 Coins Metal.png
Needles 4 Metal, 1 Ribbon 200 Coins Needles.png
Sparkles 2 Needles, 2 Ribbon 300 Coins Sparkles.png

Precious Crafting

Bronze 4 Rock 200 Coins Bronze.png
Silver 3 Bronze, 1 Sparkles 200 Coins Silver.png
Gold 2 Silver, 2 Sparkles 500 Coins Gold.png

Jewel Crafting

Amethyst 10 Quartz 300 Coins Amethyst.png
Pendant 7 Amethyst, 2 Silver 500 Coins Pendant.png
Necklace 3 Pendant, 2 Gold 800 Coins Necklace.png

Magic Crafting

Orb 20 Quartz 300 Coins Orb.png
Water 2 Orb, 1 Silver 800 Coins Water.png
Fire 6 Orb, 1 Gold 1k Coins Fire.png

Ancient Crafting

Waterstone 2 Water, 10 Ribbon 1.5k Coins Waterstone.png
Firestone 1 Fire, 2 Sparkles 1.5k Coins Firestone.png
Elementstone 1 Waterstone, 1 Firestone 5k Coins Elementstone.png

Ruin Crafting

Artifact 1 Necklace, 1 Elementstone 10k Coins Artifact.png

Legendary Crafting

Premium Key 30 Premium Shards 500 Coins Premium Key.png

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