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Event Baskets are recently introduced events where players obtain points to collect keys which are then spun to collect decos and cats for a new room not found in the regular tower.

Like Mini Events, players obtain points by preforming various in game actions such as playing the mini games, opening club heart baskets and collecting cats and decos from the regular tower. There are solo prizes and club prizes, being in an active club will ensure you will obtain all the club exclusive prizes. They also have the same half hour bonus every six hours as Mini Events except the food restock bonus has been removed.

Event Basket Spin Section.jpeg

This event is also like Secret Basket Events as there are secret cats that can only be obtained by buying the special pack which has the cat in it with real world money. The Event Baskets, like Secret Basket Events require keys to spin for cats and decos and duplicates result in obtaining tickets which can then be used to directly get a certain cat or deco if the ticket amount required to get them is met. The tickets automatically carry over to the next Event Basket if not used however, the event keys expire at the end of the event, so make sure you use them before the event ends. Gems can also be used to spin for new items and cats and in the case of Event Baskets, guarantee the player a new cat or deco after five spins. Spins with gems currently cost 100 gems.

When an Event Basket starts, two packs with the secret cats from the room can be bought and the special offer for these cat packs lasts as long as the Event Basket does.

Currently, Event Baskets run for seven days and require 170 keys to spin for a cat or deco. The last solo prize requires 280K points to obtain and the last club prizes requires 163.3K solo points + 4.9M club points to obtain. This is different from mini events where achieving a certain amount of solo points was not required to obtain club prizes.

The current event system is: Event Basket, followed by another Event Basket, then followed by another Event Basket then a club event.

Important Note:

It is widely thought that Event Baskets are designed to replace Mini Events and Secret Baskets, despite not having offical confirmation from the Cat Dev team, this is likely true as since Event Baskets have been introduced, there have been no more Mini Events and Secret Baskets. Currently, tickets and keys left over from previous Secret Baskets can be used to create premium shards or premium keys in the legendary crafting section, making the possibility of Secret Baskets returning even less likely.

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