See also: Event Types, Monthly Theme Events

Mini events are events where players can obtain a complete room not found in the regular tower. The room is split into three mini events so the room can only be completed if the player is part of all three mini events. Once the mini event starts, it can be found in the premium tower.

Cats and Decos from the room are obtained through getting points by completing various actions in game such as playing the mini games, opening club heart baskets and collecting cats and decos from the regular tower. Being part of an active club ensures you will obtain the club only prizes.

Club players can see how they rank against other players in their club in the ranking section as well as see how their club is ranking overall compared to other clubs. However, unlike club events, mini events do not provide clubs that rank in the top 25 with prizes.

Mini Events have special bonuses that are a half hour long every six hours to help progress the game and get more points. The bonuses cycle between:

  • Deliveries take 5 minutes: All baskets and supply crates only take 5 minutes to complete,
  • Food restocks every 5 minutes: The shop refreshes every 5 minutes instead of half an hour like it normally takes
  • All crafts take 1 minutes: All items take only a minute to craft, very useful for items that take a day to craft

Important Note: It is widely believed that mini events will never occur again due to the introduction of Event Baskets. No official statement or announcement from the Cat Game Devs or their social media sites have been made about this controversy yet.

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