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The Premium Tower is a separate tower from the Regular Tower. It holds Premium Rooms with premium cats and decorations (called Decos in game). The first floor of the Premium Tower is Club Kitties, which is gained through Club Baskets. The rest of the floors are gained through Events and VIP rewards. Premium Keys are used to spin the Premium Basket in order to gain cats and decos.

Icon-premiumbasket.png Premium Basket

The Premium Basket is located at the top of the Premium Tower and will allow you to “spin” it with 1 Premium Key. Once you do so, you will obtain a random common, rare, epic or legendary cat or deco, with common being the most likely to get and legendary being the least likely. Currently, cats and decos from nine Premium Rooms are automatically available for new players to spin for. Cats and Decos that players missed from events can also be obtained in this way once thirty days has passed since the event ended however, cats and decos from events that occurred BEFORE the player made their account will not be available until Cat Game redoes the event which may be up to a year. Secret Cats and decos cannot be obtained by spinning the Premium Basket.

Icon-key.png Premium Keys

Premium Keys are required to spin the Premium Basket in the Premium Tower. The amount of Premium Keys you have is visible by tapping on the Premium Basket, every time a Premium Key is used, the amount lowers. Premium keys can be obtained as event prizes, VIP rewards or with the purchase of special offers and flash sales with real world money. They can also be crafted for 500 Cat Game coins with 30 Premium Shards, which can be obtained by finishing the daily quest in the Bank or as event prizes. Once obtained, Premium Keys can be used at anytime by the player or saved until the player wants to use them. Specific cats and decos can be directly purchased from the Premium Tower with Premium Keys:

  • Common = 2 Premium Keys
  • Rare = 3 Premium Keys
  • Epic = 5 Premium Keys
  • Legendary = 10 Premium Keys

Secret Cats and decos can be purchased with 20 Premium Keys once it has been thirty days since the event they were part of has ended (Flash Sale Premium Tower Rooms can be bought for 20 Premium Keys anytime).

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