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Premium Tower Rooms are held in the Premium Tower. Premium Tower Rooms are usually obtained via events and flashsales. The outliers being the Club Kitties room, which is obtained via the Club Heart basket and Basic Premium Tower Rooms, which are available for any new player to complete by spinning the Premium Basket.

New rooms can be released randomly, however, they are usually part of the Monthly Event Schedule which is revealed in the News and on Cat Games social media accounts.

Basic Premium Tower Rooms

Some were part of an event but are now available for all players to complete anytime

Room name Theme Release Date
Club Kitties N/A Unknown
Sanctuary Fantasy Unknown
Mythic Fantasy Unknown
Light Elements Unknown
Dark Elements Unknown
Kaiju Fantasy Unknown
Wizard of Oz Storytime Mar 14th 2019
Alice Storytime Feb 26th 2019
Fairy Tales Storytime Mar 21st 2019
Ponies Rainbow Mar 26th 2019
Event Rooms

Only available to those who played during the events run-time. However, some have been made available again through re-runs, flash sales, special events and Throwback Thursday Sales.

Room name Theme Type Of Event Event Release date(s)
Gemstones Unknown Mini Event Aug 7th - Aug 26th 2018
Steampunk Unknown Club Event Aug 30th - Sep 2nd 2018
Rave Neon Mini Event; Secret Basket Sep 4th - Sep 23rd 2018
Cyberpunk Neon Club Event Sep 27th - Sep 30th 2018
Horror Halloween Mini Event Oct 2nd - Oct 21st 2018
Graveyard Halloween Secret Basket Oct 21st - Oct 24th 2018
Halloween Halloween Club Event Oct 25th - Oct 28th 2018
Color White Monochrome Mini Event Oct 20th - Nov 18th 2018
Color Black Monochrome Secret Basket Nov 15th - Nov 18th 2018
Color Pastel Monochrome Club Event Nov 22nd - Nov 25th 2018
Toy Factory Holidays Mini Event Dec 4th - Dec 23rd 2018
Jolly Winter Holidays Secret Basket Dec 20th - Dec 23rd 2018
Cozy Holidays Holidays Club Event Dec 27th - Dec 30th 2018
Holiday Food N/A Surprise Event Dec 25th - Dec 31st 2018
Gothic Fashion Styles Mini Event Jan 1st - Jan 20th 2019
Modern Witch Fashion Styles Secret Basket Jan 17th - Jan 20th 2019
Tea Party Fashion Styles Club Event Jan 24th - Jan 27th 2019
Party Party Mini Event Jan 29th - Feb 17th 2019
Nineties Party Secret Basket Feb 14th - Feb 17th 2019
Carnival Party Club Event Feb 21st - Feb 24th 2019
Valentine Spread the Love Campaign Social Event Feb 7th - Feb 14th 2019
Easter Rainbow Secret Basket Apr 11th - Apr 14th 2019
Cosmic Unicorns Rainbow Club Event Apr 18th - Apr 21st 2019
Planetarium Space Mini Event Apr 23rd - May 12th 2019
Space Crew Space Secret Basket May 9th - May 12th 2019
Retro Futuristic Space Club Event May 16th - May 19th 2019
Hotel Luxury Mini Event May 21st - Jun 9th 2019
Photo Studio Luxury Secret Basket Jun 6th - Jun 9th 2019
Jewelry Store Luxury Club Event Jun 13th - Jun 16th 2019
Masquerade Ancient Tales Mini Event Jun 18th - Jul 7th 2019
Robin Hood Ancient Tales Secret Basket Jul 2nd - Jul 5th 2019
Vikings Ancient Tales Club Event Jul 11th - Jul 14th 2019
Pedigree Pedigree Mini Event Jul 16th - Aug 4th 2019
Dog Park Pedigree Secret Basket Jul 30th - Aug 2nd 2019
Persians Pedigree Club Event Aug 8th - Aug 11th 2019
Science Science Mini Event Aug 13th - Sep 1st 2019
Secret Lab Science Secret Basket Aug 27th - Aug 30th 2019
Mad Scientist Science Club Event Sep 5th - Sep 8th 2019
Fierce Nature Mini Event Sept 10th - Sept 29th 2019
Animal Sanctuary Nature Secret Basket Sept 24th - Sept 27th 2019
Luminescent Nature Club Event Oct 3rd - Oct 6th 2019
Haunted Mansion N/A Secret Basket Oct 22nd - Oct 25th 2019
Post Apocalyptic N/A Secret Basket Nov 5th - Nov 8th 2019
Sleepover N/A Secret Basket Dec 5th - Dec 10th 2019
Winter Wonderland N/A Secret Basket Dec 12th - Dec 17th 2019
Rainbow N/A Secret Basket Jan 30th - Feb 4th 2020
Regal N/A Secret Basket Mar 12th - Mar 17th 2020
Renaissance Fair N/A Secret Basket Mar 26th - Mar 31st 2020
School Play N/A Secret Basket May 7th - May 12th 2020
Super Heroes N/A Club Event May 14th - May 17th 2020
Crafting N/A Mini Event May 19th - Jun 9th 2020
Art School N/A Secret Basket May 21st - May 26th 2020
Ice Cream Truck N/A Secret Basket Jun 4th - Jun 9th 2020
Magic School N/A Club Event Jun 11th - Jun 14th 2020
Farmer's Market N/A Mini Event Jun 16th - Jul 5th 2020
Wetland N/A Secret Basket Jun 18th - Jun 23rd 2020
Porcelain Surprise Event Mega Secret Basket Jun 25th - Jun 30th 2020
Cookies N/A Secret Basket Unknown, removed from news.
Royal Garden N/A Club Event Jul 9th - Jul 12th 2020
Equestrian N/A Mini Event Jul 14th - Aug 2nd 2020
Coral Reef N/A Secret Basket Jul 16th - Jul 21st 2020
Gourmet N/A Secret Basket Jul 30th - Aug 4th 2020
Wigs N/A Club Event Aug 6th - Aug 9th 2020
Coffee N/A Secret Basket Aug 13th - Aug 18th 2020
Regency N/A Club Event Sept 3rd - Sept 6th 2020
Insects N/A Mini Event Sept 8th - Sept 13th 2020
Art Nouveau N/A Club Event Oct 29th - Nov 1st 2020
Metamorphosis N/A Secret Basket Nov 19th - Nov 24th 2020
Dog Show N/A Secret Basket Dec 2nd - Dec 7th 2020
Birds of Paradise N/A Club Event Jan 21st - Jan 24th 2021
Electronics N/A Event Basket Jan 26th - Feb 2nd 2021
School Dance N/A Event Basket Feb 3rd - Feb 9th 2021
Bees N/A Event Basket Feb 10th - Feb 17th 2021
Tea N/A Club Event Feb 18th - Feb 21st 2021
Museum N/A Event Basket Feb 22nd - Mar 1st 2021
Old Movies N/A Event Basket Mar 2nd - Mar 9th 2021
Underworld N/A Event Basket Mar 10th - Mar 17th 2021
Olympus N/A Club Event Mar 18th - Mar 21st 2021
Egg Eggy Event Basket Mar 22nd - Mar 29th 2021
Hatchling Eggy Event Basket Mar 30th - Apr 6th 2021
Dragon’s Nest Eggy Event Basket Apr 7th - Apr 14th 2021
Jeweled Eggs Eggy Club Event Apr 15th - Apr 18th 2021
Succulents Around The House Event Basket Apr 19th - Apr 26th 2021
Eighties Cartoons Around The House Event Basket Apr 27th - May 4th 2021
Hide and Seek Around the House Event Basket May 5th - May 12th 2021
Attic Around the House Club Event May 13th - May 16th 2021
Picnic Outdoors Event Basket May 17th - May 24th 2021
Camp Fire Outdoors Event Basket May 25th - Jun 1st 2021
Weather Outdoors Event Basket Jun 2nd - Jun 9th 2021
Flower Shop N/A Club Event Jun 10th - Jun 13th 2021
House Garden Plants Event Basket Jun 14th - Jun 21st 2021
Fungi Plants Event Basket Jun 22nd - Jun 29th 2021
Lake Plants Plants Event Basket Jun 30th - Jul 7th 2021
Trees Plants Club Event Jul 8th - Jul 12th 2021
Monkey N/A Event Basket Jul 12th - Jul 19th 2021
Amphibian Animal Event Basket Jul 20th - Jul 27th 2021
Koi Pond Animal Event Basket Jul 28th - Aug 4th 2021
Luminescent Beach Animal Club Event Aug 5th - Aug 8th 2021
Dressmaker Costume Event Basket Aug 9th - Aug 16th 2021
Country House Costume Event Basket Aug 17th - Aug 24th 2021
Cheerleading Costume Event Basket Aug 25th - Sep 1st 2021
Shakespeare Costume Club Event Sep 2nd - Sep 5th 2021
Birds of Prey Apex Animals Event Basket Sep 6th - Sep 13th 2021
Bear Apex Animals Event Basket Sep 14th - Sep 21st 2021
Shark Apex Animals Event Basket Sep 22nd - Sep 29th 2021
Wild Cat Apex Animals Club Event Sep 30th - Oct 3rd 2021
Cryptid Spooky Party Event Basket Oct 4th - Oct 11th 2021
Pumpkin Carving Spooky Party Event Basket Oct 12th - Oct 19th 2021
Witch Shop Spooky Party Event Basket Oct 20th - Oct 27th 2021
Halloween Candy Spooky Party Club Event Oct 28th - Oct 31st 2021
Apothecary Store Events Event Basket Nov 1st - Nov 8th 2021
Game Store Store Events Event Basket Nov 9th - Nov 16th 2021
Pastel Goth Store Events Event Basket Nov 17th - Nov 24th 2021
Boutique Store Events Club Event Nov 25th - Nov 28th 2021
Hot Springs Cozy Holidays Event Basket Nov 29th - Dec 6th 2021
Land of Oz Cozy Holidays Event Basket Dec 7th - Dec 14th 2021
Christmas Train Cozy Holidays Event Basket Dec 15th - Dec 22nd 2021
Nutcracker Cozy Holidays Club Basket Dec 23rd - Dec 26th 2021
Fireworks Winter-Palooza Event Basket Dec 27th - Jan 3rd 2022
Penguin Winter-Palooza Event Basket Jan 4th - Jan 11th 2022
Snowball Fight Winter-Palooza Event Basket Jan 12th - Jan 19th 2022
Luminescent Arctic Winter-Palooza Club Event Jan 20th - Jan 23rd 2022
Lunar Zodiac A Lunar & Love Event Basket Jan 24th - Jan 30th 2022
Lunar Zodiac B Lunar & Love Event Basket Feb 1st - Feb 8th 2022
Romance Lunar & Love Event Basket Feb 9th - Feb 16th 2022
Looking Glass Lunar & Love Club Event Feb 17th - Feb 20th 2022
Hummingbird Birds, Books, Tea Event Basket Feb 21st - Feb 28th 2022
Dark Academia Birds, Books, Tea Event Basket Mar 1st - Mar 8th 2022
Nursery Rhyme Birds, Books, Tea Event Basket Mar 9th - Mar 16th 2022
Teddy Tea Party Birds, Books, Tea Club Event Mar 17th - Mar 20th 2022
Black Light Party Cosmic Party Event Basket Mar 21st - Mar 28th 2022
Renovation Cosmic Party Event Basket Mar 29th - Apr 5th 2022
Konbini Cosmic Party Event Basket Apr 6th - Apr 13th 2022
Cosmic Bunny Cosmic Party Club Event Apr 14th - Apr 17th 2022
Brilliant Gem N/A Event Basket Apr 18th - Apr 25th 2022
Bubble Tea N/A Event Basket Apr 26th - May 3rd 2022
School Band N/A Event Basket May 4th - May 11th 2022
Unlucky N/A Club Event May 12th - May 15th 2022
Chocolate N/A Event Basket May 16th - May 23rd 2022
Rooftop Party N/A Event Basket May 24th - May 31st 2022
Double Rainbow N/A Event Basket Jun 1st - Jun 8th 2022
Crystal Quest N/A Club Event Jun 9th - Jun 12th 2022
Summer N/A Event Basket Jun 13th - Jun 20th 2022
Cinema N/A Event Basket Jun 21st - Jun 28th 2022
Jellyfish N/A Event Basket Jun 29th - Jul 6th 2022
Deconstructed N/A Club Event Jul 7th - Jul 10th 2022
Wollipow Factory N/A Event Basket Jul 11th - Jul 18th 2022
Glamping N/A Event Basket Jul 19th - Jul 26th 2022
Archeology N/A Event Basket Jul 27th - Aug 3rd 2022
Enchanted Forest N/A Club Event Aug 4th - Aug 7th 2022
Emoji N/A Event Basket Aug 8th - Aug 14th 2022
Yoga N/A Event Basket Aug 16th - Aug 23rd 2022
Pie Contest N/A Event Basket Aug 24th - Aug 31st 2022
Luminescent Desert N/A Club Event Sep 1st - Sep 4th 2022