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Prestige is a special bonus feature that sometimes occurs during Event Baskets that allows players who purchased certain package rooms to get 25% more points in the event and 4x faster deliveries. It essentially allows for players to re-do a room that they have already completed in order to earn more points and continue crafting.

The Prestige feature “resets” the room and allows the player to re-spin the delivery basket for cats which give more points during events. The player can also craft materials to re-obtain the rooms decorations which also gives more points during events. However, cats require twice as much food to send deliveries and decorations require twice as many materials to be crafted before purchasing them.

Previously, Prestige was usually only available for one Package Room per event basket and the room had to be completed in the Regular Tower first before the player could access the Prestige feature. The player had to activate the Prestige feature within the duration of the event (7 days) but once the feature was activated, it did not expire and the player could continue using it after the event was finished.

The Prestige feature now can be activated from any completed Package Room anytime and during any event with the same benefits as before. The player just has to go to the Cat-A-Log upon completing the room and will see a large sign over the floor saying, “Prestige this Floor!” that the player can choose to accept if they want.

As of Version 1.73, the option to toggle on and off the prestige version of the floor is possible by taping the Prestige badge in the upper right hand corner of the floor. However, the floor will have to be cleared of deliveries before changing.

Mini-Golf was the first Regular Tower room given the Prestige feature. Regular Tower rooms 71-74 were also given the Prestige feature during a different event. This was likely due to high level players noting the lack of new free Regular Tower rooms while Purchasable Rooms were being more frequently released.

Promos of Past Prestige Rooms

Bread Room

Asian Food Room

Hat Cats Room

Mino Beach Room

Mino Forest Room

Atlantis Room

Autumn Walk Room

Outdoor Pool Room

Balcony Garden