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Cat Game has a growing list of purchase-only rooms (also known as floors). These rooms are obtained as In-App Purchases, requiring real money. There are two types of purchasable room, the Package room which is obtained via the Shop and located in the Regular Tower and the Flashsale room, which is obtained via random flashsales that pop up on the screen and located in the Premium Tower.

These rooms are released randomly and are announced through the News and Cat Games social media accounts.

Package Rooms
Room name Price Release
Garfield Floor $10 USD Unknown
Asian Food $10 USD Unknown
Carousel Floor $10 USD July 12th 2019
Mino Beach $10 USD Apr 3rd 2019
Mino Forest $10 USD May 16th 2019
Waterpark $10 USD Jul 24th 2019
Atlantis $10 USD Sep 5th 2019
Bread $10 USD Jun 10th 2021
Hat Cats $10 USD Jul 13th 2021
Super Cat Squad $10 USD Aug 26th 2021
Autumn Walk $10 USD Sep 13th 2021
Aquarium $10 USD Oct 8th 2021
Fresh Fruit $10 USD Nov 5th 2021
Archery $10 USD Jan 3rd 2022
Cat Cafe $10 USD Jan 29th 2022
Corn $10 USD Feb 25th 2022
Duck $10 USD Mar 25th 2022
Outdoor Pool $10 USD Apr 21st 2022
Water Fight $10 USD May 19th 2022
Balcony Garden $10 USD June 17th 2022
Flashsale Rooms
Room name Price Release
Candy $15 USD May 16th 2019
Italian Food $15 USD Unknown
Fruit $15 USD Unknown
Breakfast $15 USD Unknown
Fast Food $15 USD Unknown
Cheese $15 USD Unknown
Veggies $15 USD Apr 3rd 2019