Retrieving Lost Items

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Lost account

If you lost your account not due to banning, you can restore it by sending the below to the Cat Game staff via in game “support” accessed through settings or through

You Must Send

  • Your OLD username
  • Say if you have access to the account on your new device and if you lost progress
  • What your NEW username is if you have one
  • What the highest level you reached on your OLD account was
  • What level you are on your CURRENT account

Sending the name of your old club is not necessary but it is useful if they are struggling to find your account which occasionally happens.

Lost Purchased Items

If you lost your VIP status or purchased items, you can restore it by simply tapping the “restore purchases” button through settings in game


  • Old and new accounts CANNOT be merged and items/cats from a previous account cannot be transferred into another account
  • Players cannot use the same account on two different devices at the same time
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