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Secret Basket Events are scheduled events where users can use their secret keys and secret tickets to obtain the furniture and cats on the floor. Being in a club is not required to take part in this event.


An event tab will show up in the top left of the screen and an event button will replace the premium tower on the bottom menu once it starts.

The menu for Secret Basket Events include a slideshow where you can preview the cats in the event and their names. The background of this slideshow is the furniture on the floor itself.

Obtaining Furniture/Cats

Icon-Secret Key.png Secret keys

Secret keys are used to spin a basket and obtain furniture and cats for the event floor whilst the event is running. You can spin the basket once per one secret key. If you spin a duplicate item with a secret key, then you will be substituted with secret tickets. Secret keys are usually obtained as rewards during Club Events.

Icon-Secret Ticket.png Secret tickets

Secret tickets are used to buy specific furniture and cats for the event floor. Secret tickets can be obtained by spinning a duplicate item with secret keys or obtained as rewards during Club Events.

The cost of an item in secret tickets depends on the rarity of the item, and whether it's a cat or a furniture piece.

Common Furniture- 10 secret tickets

Rare Furniture - 15 secret tickets

Epic Furniture - 20 secret tickets

Legendary Furniture - 50 secret tickets

Common Cat - 20 secret tickets

Rare Cat - 30 secret tickets

Epic Cat - 50 secret tickets

Legendary Cat - 100 secret tickets

Using gems

Using gems to spin a basket for this event works similarly to using a secret key, except you are guaranteed a new cat or furniture every time. It is impossible to obtain a duplicate while spinning a basket with gems. It costs 300 gems to spin a basket.

Special Offer

Every Secret Basket Event comes with a 'special offer' that can be bought for real money. This pack contains a legendary cat for the floor, 500 gems, 3 secret keys and 10 secret tickets. The legendary cat this pack contains can't be spun for secret keys or gems, and also can't be bought with secret tickets. The only way to obtain this cat is to buy the special offer, or wait 30 days after the event ends and buy or spin for the cat in the premium tower[?].


  • Secret Events typically run for 5 days.
  • You do not need to obtain any items in the event to unlock the floor in your Premium Tower, all is needed is to load the event by entering the event's menu.
  • Cats/Furniture in event floors can be spun or bought with premium keys in the Premium Tower 30 days after the event ends.