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Summer Hype was an unique event that was a series of short challenges lasting 1-2 days that randomly occurred throughout the Summer months (2019 Northern Hemisphere Summer). The challenge was to craft a certain amount of items in a certain amount of time in order to obtain exclusive colour variant decorations from the Regular Tower which Cat Game called Shinies.

The decorations did not replace the ones found in the Regular Tower since they were intended to be Bonus content to be used in Contests and Showrooms. This also meant that they were only accessible through the inventory and were not listed in the cat-alogs.

The ultimate reward tier included Gold Shinies, gold versions of Regular Tower decorations.

Summer 2022 Event (Craft Now)

In Summer 2022, Summer Hype finally returned and was separated into two parts. On each day, the player could craft up to 5 new recoloured (reskinned) decor from existing rooms. These decor are in the Secret category and like the previous Summer Hype decor, they are only meant to be used for Showrooms and Contests.

Part 1 (June 24th - June 25th)

  • Roses - Original Room: Profession
    • Unlock: 1K Coins, 10 Ribbon, 5 Needles, 2 Sparkles
  • Flower Bed - Original Room: Garden
    • Unlock: 2K Coins, 2 Gold, 7 Silver, 8 Sparkles
  • Sea Shell - Original Room: Reef
    • Unlock: 5K Coins, 66 Needles, 3 Pendants
  • Macrame Plants - Original Room: Hippie
    • Unlock: 10K Coins, 4 Gold, 17 Silver, 325 Bronze
  • Sea Shell (Gold Shiny) - Original Room: Reef
    • Unlock: 15K Coins, 180 Amethyst, 7 Pendants, 1 Necklace

Part 2 (June 25th - June 26th)

  • Square Window - Original Room: Basic
    • Unlock: 1K Coins, 10 Ribbon, 45 Wood, 1 Sparkle
  • Watering Can - Original Room: Bugs
    • Unlock: 2K Coins, 25 Needles, 200 Metal, 7 Silver
  • Robins - Original Room: Woods
    • Unlock: 5K Coins, 4 Gold, 11 Sparkles
  • Bird Cage - Original Room: Spring
    • Unlock: 10K Coins, 60 Needles, 16 Silver, 20 Sparkles
  • Robins (Gold Shiny) - Original Room: Woods
    • Unlock: 15K Coins, 5 Gold, 7 Pendants, 1 Necklace

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