Cat Game - The Cat Collector! Wiki
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VIP Membership is a way for the player to get extra rewards and exclusive rooms with exclusive cats and decorations. These rooms are located in the Premium Tower. In order to get VIP Membership, the player must pay a monthly subscription fee of $10 USD and VIP Membership will automatically auto-renew unless the player disables it in settings or cancels their subscription.

VIP players can see how many days they have have been a VIP member for by tapping the pink bow icon on the top right hand of the Regular Tower screen. Doing this will also allow them to see all future rewards and find out what day they will receive them. Cancelling VIP membership will not reset the days, if the player subscribes again, they will start back on the day they left off from.

Icon-vip.png Daily Rewards

  • No Minigame ads
  • Increased chance +5% at getting cats
  • Max Craft Stars in Club Events
  • +5,000 coins daily
  • +100 gems daily
  • Special blue icon instead of activity status icon
  • Blue username seen in chats
  • Actions generate x2 normal amount of Purple hearts

Icon-VIP Cats.png Weekly Rewards

Each week the player will get 1 cat and 1 decoration from an exclusive room until the player finishes the room, and the weekly rewards change over to the next room. About half way through completing the room, the player will also get 2 Premium Key as well as the cat and decoration of the week. After completing every room, the player will only get 2 Premium Keys weekly.

VIP Only Rooms
Room name Date of VIP Release
Magical Cats 1 to 43 days Unknown
Swan Lake 50 to 92 days Unknown
Mermaid 99 to 141 days Unknown
Zodiac Day 148 to 190 days July 27th 2018
Fairy 197 to 239 days Sep 12th 2018
Zodiac Night 246 to 288 days Nov 13th 2018
Wedding 295 to 337 days Dec 21st 2018
Unicorns 344 to 386 days Feb 20th 2019
Rococo 393 to 435 days April 10th 2019
Socialites 442 to 484 days Unknown